Where the Quaint meets the Curious…and Vintage meets Vaudeville!

Spend the day in Cardiff and somewhere between its majestic castle and winding alleyways filled to the brim with boutiques and eclectic independent stores, you may just come across a veritable vintage treasure-trove awaiting discovery…

The Blue Moon Market Vintage & Vaudeville Fair sees its inaugural event occurring at the beautiful Masonic Hall, Guildford Street – just a stone’s throw from Cardiff Central and Queen Street rail station and the Dewi Sant shopping Mall – on Saturday 6th September 2014 from 11am – 4pm.

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I want to give you a new pair of shoes! Kinda…

You’ve got a good thing going on.

Your business has a great product, your branding is amazeballs and you’re ready and waiting for those orders to come rolling in, so… why the heck aren’t those orders rolling in?!?!?

Now I know you know all about promotion and that ‘getting your name out there’ is marketing 101, but there are so many different places you can do that, where in chuff’s name are you meant to be ‘getting your name out’?

We obviously I’m going to say on The Vintage Directory. That’s why I’m writing this annoyingly informal and casj caj? cajsch? CASCHJ?! casual post.

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Dollhouse Competition

Win a makeover a photoshoot with Dollhouse Photography at their Birmingham studio.

Prize worth £330 includes:

  • Full vintage styling of hair and make up
  • Your choice of 2 outfits from our vast pin up wardrobe
  • 20 unedited images
  • 4 images edited to editorial level, and one vintage digital artwork design
The shoot must be booked 6 or more weeks in advance and is valid any time during 2013. To enter, fill in the form below:

10% of with The Vintage Designer

While building up my own businesses, I’ve become rather good a graphic design and website building. Over the last few years I’ve started to built up a customer base and I’m now formally branching out to be known as ‘The Vintage Designer’!

To celebrate, I’m offering 10% off all my normal prices to new customers. Have a look at my official website for all my prices, packages and portfolio and get in touch. I really hope I can work with some of you soon!

Don’t forget to mention the discount when booking!

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25% Discount with The Vintage Cosmetic Company

The Vintage Cosmetic Company, who are sponsoring The National Vintage Awards’ brand new Beauty & Grooming Award for 2014, are offering our readers an amazing 25% discount! Just visit their website and, once you’ve chosen your basket of prettiness, enter the code at the checkout to take advantage of this amazing offer!

The Beauty & Grooming Award is open to individual stylists across the UK. Make up artists, hairdressers, hair stylists and barbers are all welcome to enter. If you trade under a business name, we do ask that you enter as an individual to allow for fair judging across the board; all work that you submit as evidence must be carried out by your own fair hands!

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Tell the vintage world with a sponsored blog post

Whoop, you can now promote your business on The Vintage Directory website with a sponsored blog post for just £60! We had *loads* of visits last month. nearly 10,000 in fact! And with over 50,000 pageviews, its a pretty good way to get your name out there to our vintage loving readers. Interested? All the info is here.

See our other promotional opportunities and see our full stats…

TVD Brighton & Hove – Last chance to book!

who runs the Brighton & Hove regional issue of The Vintage Directory is calling for last minute bookings for the Spring magazine.

10,000 copies of this issue will be distributed in across the entire East Sussex and West Sussex region and adverts for any type of vintage, kitsch or handmade business will be accepted.

Spaces start from as little as £35 and there are no hidden charges. Faye will also support and promote your business via the dedicated Twitter and Facebook pages and you’ll also be entitled to a free 3 month online listing worth £25.

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NVAs logo with date and venue

New Prize & Sponsorship Announcements! The National Vintage Awards 2014

It’s all got very exciting at NVA HQ in the last few weeks!

We’ve secured more amazing sponsors for some of our categories including The Vintage Cosmetic Company, The Pinup Academy, Love Your Local Market, DollHouse Photography, Kate Beavis: Vintage Writer, The Vintage Directory, Glass Onion Vintage Wholesale, Past Perfect Music and Vintage Academy! Phew! They’re all offering some brilliant prizes for our winners; see below for the full details.

I’ve even taken on some help in the form of the lovely Katie who is going to be helping me to promote the awards. I’m waiting to confirm with one VERY important potential principal sponsor, so fingers crossed all the i’s will be crossed and t’s dotted by this time next week!

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So what is The National Vintage Awards all about then?!

You may have seen a lot on here about The National Vintage Awards at the moment and that’s because I run it! I started the awards last year and it was such a success that it just had to be continued (mainly because everyone was telling me so…).
There are some new categories this year to cater for the ever growing bevy of vintage businesses and in response to comments I had last year.

It’s £35 to enter (apart from the Best Pin Up category, which is free!) and this fee helps pay for the entertainment, venue, goodies and treats for the evening, alongside all the usual website stuff, printing, and other admin that goes along with running an event of this magnitude!! Entry closing date is 31st March.

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Benefits Mum to Business Owner – How I Chose My Vintage Business Name

I set up my first business in 2009 at 27, after having my son and finding myself a single parent living on benefits in a suburb of Birmingham (NOT the infamous James Turner Street, in case you were wondering…). This was a less than ideal situation.

I’d always worked, my parents had always worked, heck, everyone in my family WORKED HARD, and, after a brief relationship with an unreliable man, I found myself in an alien situation where I was relying on the state to fund my rent, pay my bills and basically keep me and my son alive. ‘He’ disappeared when I was three months pregnant and (as yet) has never got back in touch. Pretty horrible. Although, I always say this when people are negative about the situation: I’m massively grateful to him. I hear so much from other mums (and occasionally dads…) whose ex partners are in and out of their childrens’ lives, making a difficult situation even harder by being there one minute and not being there the next. I *know* that some fathers are amazing, even after a relationship breaks down, but he would definitely not have been. So I’m thankful that’s he’s stayed away (plus we have found a Daddy now who, as my son adorably put it once, is ‘the best Daddy for the job’). Anyway, I digress.

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Buyers’ Guide: Pin Up Photo Shoots

My personal experience of Pin Up Photo Shoots is both in front of and behind the camera. I’ve been the ‘pin-up’ and also had to be the ‘photographer’ in paid, styled photo shoots for a well know vintage makeover company. Which is worrying. As I have no photographic training what-so-ever. Luckily I’m pretty good with a camera, and never had any complaints but it’s a worrying trend that there seem to be more and more ‘photographers’ setting up vintage photo companies, when, in fact, all they have is a fancy camera and somewhere to shoot. Some of these ‘studios’ ask you to shell out hundreds of pounds for their amateur work; yes, you might get a few adequate images and a nice day out, but could you have spent your money better elsewhere?

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Documentary Teenage: the emergence of adolescence

Inspired by author Jon Savage’s book, Teenage documents the development of youth culture in America, Britain and Germany during the first half of the 20th century.

“Four young voices (Jena Malone, Ben Whishaw, Julia Hummer, Jessie Usher) bring to life rare archival material and filmed portraits of emblematic teenagers from history”

Watch Teenage at the BFI Southbank, London until 6 February 2014, or get the DVD from 31 March 2014.

Read Lena Weber’s review of new documentary Teenage here on Queens of Vintage.

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